Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm ME

Over the past (almost) year I've had a ton of ideas for posts float in and out of my head. I haven't put them in print because I always stop myself with the thought pattern, "Anyone and everyone has commented on this subject and done it way more eloquently than me." 

Even though this is true...they aren't me. They haven't been raised in the family. Same house. Same school. Had the same choices presented to them and made the same decisions. Same heart breaks. Same joys. Same disappointments. Same celebrations. Same thoughts. Same struggles. Bottom line: THEY AREN'T ME; there is only one me. We may have had similar experiences. We can identify with each others struggles, heartaches, and burdens. We can learn from others. Help. Lead. Strengthen. Encourage. But...

I can only be me. I can only bring what I have to life. My quirks and pizazz. (yeah, I just said that)  Isn't that on some level refreshing? It frees me to stop comparing. Stop trying to live up to  others. Stop trying to keep up. It allows me to celebrate me. Sure, I'm not so and so and I'm not this and that but (again) I'm me. I'm incredible and amazing in my own right. I know it is so much easier said than done to adopt this thinking; way easier to fall into "stinkin' thinking." And it is my no means meant to be a crutch. (I am what I am and that's all I'll be) 
Let it empower you today. What makes you, you and how unique, important, and special YOU are.