Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2013 Year in Review

What better time to a year in review post than the last week of February, right? Right! So here we go to take a look back at 2013.

January brought a mix of tons of reading and movie going and a few Street Thieves shows with a new bass player, Shawn.
Quote from Second Glance.

We always attract interesting people while at the movies. This lady was eating hot peppers as a snack.

February brought an experiment in not eating sugar. Which was extremely eye opening for me. (You can read about it in a previous post if you feel so inclined.)
We also celebrated the Oscars with a viewing party and ballots to fill out AND Tom's birthday. So began his last year in his twenties. (GASP!) Tom was also approved for Clerk II status at work, something he had worked on and was waiting to hear about since September. It's a step up and a great accomplishment!

This is what broke my sugar fast. The Butterfinger cheesecake cupcakes I made for T's birthday.

March was a pretty easy going month except for Tom falling down our back stairs. Ugh. They are terrible wooden stairs that have a slant on the first two steps. They get very slick when it has rained. It was a perfect storm for the demise of Tom's balance.

March also brought a new mindset to Blakesley Manor.

In April we were able to see one of Tom's favorite bands, Lydia. It was at a small venue in Iowa City. The show left a bit to be desired but it was a fun experience and we definitely won't forget it. And of course more books, movies, and gym time. (Gotta get those miles in!)

T being silly with the Lydia show flyer.

The small venue. It was a bar with a tiny stage.

My new running shoes. I was so excited to be able to purchase these. I NEEDED new ones badly!

May started our Dam to Dam training with snow(!!!!) on the ground. Celebrating Rosaleigh's third birthday and Mother's Day.

 We went to the zoo for R's birthday and it was unseasonably cold but we had fun!

We went to Red Robin for lunch.

R was too cool to pose with her mom for Mother's Day this year.

June started out awesome. We ran Dam to Dam. The weather was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better race day. We also started the process to look for a house. But then a week into the month Tom had a car accident and it spun us into a sucky time. Decisions we weren't yet ready to tackle needed to be made, money we didn't even have needed to be spent, and exciting plans were put on hold.

Tom and me at the finish line of Dam to Dam!!

R at her first movie.

July brought joys, better memories, and a new way of eating. (Again, you can read the summer wrap up for more info.)

 Us at Paige and Paul's Wedding

Paleo meal plan.

Additions to my tattoo.

The most noteworthy and exciting event of August was MADDIE! (Seriously there's way more about this in the summer wrap up post.)

September started our journey to get Rosaleigh some help with speech and peer interaction. It was a very long and draining process that was so worth it. I could probably write a whole post on the ups and downs, the emotions, the frustrations, in home visits, school visits, paperwork, questions, and the joys but long story short; she isn't where she needs to be and now we are on the right path to get her there.

Rosaleigh with the book she chose after her first trip to the library. She is so happy, silly, and sweet.

 On the 30th we celebrated our second anniversary.

With October came more home visits and speech therapy for Rosaleigh. A new car, a very cool volunteering experience, some work changes for Tom, and the opportunity to see City and Colour.

 Rosaleigh had a preschool visit and this was my view the entire time. Staring at this door brought a wave of emotions I didn't know I could feel.

Me with Mia, our totally awesome '99 Mazda Miata that I didn't even know how to drive (manual transmission!!) when we bought her. 

Instead of running in one of the races this year I decided to give back to the DM Marathon. I'm still in their debt. What an incredible experience!

Rosaleigh Lux as a pirate for Halloween.

At Night Eyes with Grandma Lisa meeting The Cat in the Hat and Thing1 and Thing2.

Here is a video of Dallas Green (City and Colour) singing my favorite song that I was privileged to hear live. Do yourself a favor by clicking the link and give it a listen.
Body In a Box

Here's what happened in November.
 I started reading Doctor Sleep the sequel to The Shining. (one of my top favorites)

I got to meet a friend from G+ and spend some quality time with Beth.

And this is what I mean by quality. (HAHAHA!!)

Yum Thanksgiving apple pie.

Great time with family for the holiday.

And finally December. We learned Rosaleigh was eligible for preschool and would start on the 16th. She goes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. She had one week before winter break and even had a snow day thrown in. With the harsh winter we've had this year bringing late starts or cancellations it seems like she hasn't had school as much as she's had it. As always Christmas was a joyful celebration with our small families.

Excited for the tree!

Our tree.

Making cookies with Grandma.

First day of school.

This is how Haylee handled R's first day.

Out at the mall trying to get R to pose for a picture. HA!

Merry Christmas.

A fun gift; a mini Mia.

A great gift from Nana and Papa; Rosaleigh's big girl bed.

We had some really crummy times and we had some wonderful times in 2013. We are looking forward to the rest of 2014 and what it will bring. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring, new goals, challenges, and victories.

Here's a link to the summer wrap up SUMMER

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